Vocational skill training for adolescent’s youth in Nilakottai taluk

  • Initiating Networking Activities for Protecting Rivers in Tamilnadu
  • Coordinating to address the Child Right issues and ensuring the participation at State level
  • Ensuring / Promoting Environmental Education to School Students and youth community
  • Generating Mass level Awareness programs to address the pollution of water, land and air by the influence of Factories and Industries.
  • Engendering awareness and training activities on Natural farming, Modern Agriculture
  • Promoting the Sustainable Livelihoods on Tsunami affected areas through forestation (planting Mangrove trees) and maintain coastal eco-system.
  • Establishing the Resource Center for Environmental Information System (ENVIS)
  • Formation of Child Groups among the Children in order to make the Children’s Collective efforts for ensuring / promoting the Child Rights
  • Formation of Farmers Clubs in 17 working villages
  • Formation of Women Self Help Groups and assisting for their sustainable empowerment
  • Conducting several studies and research works, PRAs and data base creation of Socio-economic condition and livelihood structures of the working community.


  • 120 adolescents drop out youth got vocational training from our training center
  • 86 adolescents drop out youth placement different field.
  • Organising VAIGAI River Conservation Council (VRCC) comprised more than 17 CBOs, NGOs and like minded groups to involve the preservation and conservation process of natural resources in 6 districts of south Tamilnadu.
  • More than 70 River Protection Groups have been formed over 6 districts to protect the water resources
  • 4 Mass level Community Awareness Programs have been organized for promoting awareness on Child Rights, Environmental Management and Natural Resource Conservation etc.,
  • 1300 students have been covered through the trainings on Solid Waste management, Environmental awareness, Bio-diversity conservation, Natural resource management etc.,
  • More than 32 like minded groups have been networking for Integrated Water Resource Management by VRCC.
  • Over 873 trees have been planted and maintained through the river banks area
  • 300 farmers have been trained on Modern Agricultural practices, Low cost rural technologies, preparation of Bio-manure etc.,
  • 12 child welfare groups have been formed to address the issues on Child Rights perspective and working as a Children Collectives for ensuring the Child Participation
  • More than 43 rural women self help groups have been organized and assisted through Micro credits, promotion of savings habits and adoption of skill trainings etc.,
  • 1470 Sqft., in coastal areas has been covered through adaptation of Mangrove Trees and maintaining of coastal eco system.

    Network organisation
    To promote sound implementation and achieving the target in right time, VAIGAI TRUST is networking several like minded groups and Institutions for better performing and knowledge expertise.

  • TNRPM – (Tamilnadu River Protection Movement) which involves the networking activities on conservation and protection of River basins in Tamilnadu through advocacy and lobbying.
  • IHN – (Initiatives of HIV /AIDS – Net) is a network of NGOs working in the prevention of STD, HIV/AIDS and care & support of PLWHAs etc.,
  • NESAM –a network NGOs working for women’s issues and gender based awareness.
  • FPCP(Forum for P promotion of Child Participation) ensure Participation Rights to Children
  • TAFRE - Tamilnadu Alliance for Fundamental Rights to Equity, Education
  • JASUL – Joint Action Forum for Sustainable Livelihood
  • PFHR – People Forum for Human Rights
  • TNEC – Tamilnadu Environmental Council


  • Publishing a Data Base Creation of VAIGAI River
  • Vocational skill for adolescent’s drop out youth
  • Initiating network activities for protecting the rivers and water resources in Tamilnadu
  • Income generation and vocational training to rural women
  • Special programme for ethnic minority and marginalized women community
  • Environmental awareness programme to school students
  • Health and Hygiene training to rural women
  • Vocational Trainings to Un-employed rural girls
  • Expansion of Wasteland development and Tree plantation program